Grand Bethel Honored Queen

Ashton C

September Update

Hi Everyone,
My name is Ashton Campbell and I am the Grand Bethel Honored Queen for the 2019-2020 term. I am excited for the traveling season to begin so I can see everyone and meet some new faces. Some fun facts about me are that I am from Burlington, but I am going to school at UW-Oshkosh and reside in the dorms right now. I am majoring in Nursing and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. My favorite movie is Hocus Pocus (not just for halloween, ALL YEAR ROUND). My favorite color is yellow and I love sunflowers. I drink a lot of coffee (probably past the healthy limit) and I love Panera or Noodles & Company. My theme this year is “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful” and my emblems are sunflowers and a moose. I want to share this theme with everyone because I believe it is super important to have self love and spread love. My goals this year are to provide a good foundation of support for all masonic groups, to continue to build a stronger relationship between Job’s Daughters and Demolay, and to spread my theme to everyone who will listen. Our first exemplification is coming up on October 27th. Please email me for details (@ .) If anyone would like me to attend their events, please send me an invite. Or if you want to just talk, that is fantastic too. Please talk to me about anything, even if is not masonic family related.

With Jobie Love,
Ashton C
Grand Bethel Honored Queen 2019-2020

October Update

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spooky season and is ready for the holidays that
are quickly approaching, such as Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos. This is an exciting time for
everyone because of three reasons: sweaters, pumpkin spiced lattes, and Hocus Pocus. And
before you know it, it will be turkey day! But, before we jump into the scary good fun, there are a
few upcoming events that I want to share with you.
My service project this year is raising money for the Service Dog Project. Each bethel
received a jar at jamboree to set out on a table or desk and collect funds. Please raise as much
as you can by jamboree. The bethel with the most money will receive a prize. The money raised
will not just go under my name, it will be WI JDI. Please, please, please, support a great cause!
Caroling is December 14th at Three Pillars. Information will be sent out soon. Please
make sure to sign up when information is available.
Grand Bethel girls: please check your emails regularly for information or parts for the
next exemplification.
Other events that are happening with the youth are events like November 17th is
Strike for HIKE. Please keep an eye out for more information. Demolay Prom (D-Prom) is the
evening of December 14 in Milwaukee. You can go to caroling earlier and then get cleaned
up to go to this event . Please urge the daughters to go to this event. One of my main goals is
to build the relationship with Demolay. This is a fun event and IS NOT A MEETING . If you’re a
daughter, consider going and having a good time. It is always so much fun and it gives you an
excuse to get all dressed up. Please put all of these events on your calendars and maybe
consider doing a sign up to these events verus a “go on your own” type of thing. As always,

Happy Hauntings,
Ashton Campbell
GBHQ 2019-2020

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